About SHEN Therapy


A revolutionary approach to emotional health, SHEN Physio-Emotional Relief Therapy merges a radical, breakthrough concept of how emotion works with the recently defined physics of the biofield the source of the body’s emotions into a powerful process of emotional change and personal growth, one that works from the inside and is far faster than other approaches.

Developed over twenty-five years ago by American scientist Richard R. Pavek, SHEN is much more than an emotional triggering process. It is a deep process of emotional unfolding, de-layering and growth based on a unique concept of the nature of emotion, its effects on the body, and its effects on the brain. Because of this, it can safely accelerate recovery from severe emotional traumas such as childhood trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss, spiritual emergence reaction (Kundalini Awakening), emotionless states as well as confusion and disorientation following accidents.


Few doubt the power of our emotions; the best uplift and enhance our lives, while the worst distress our bodies, inflame our imaginings, sabotage our reason, and negatively affect all our actions. We may not like it, but our emotions rule the way we live our lives. How do they do this, and why are they so powerful?

In our early research, we discovered that painful emotions such as fear, grief, or hopelessness trigger the Auto-Contractile Pain Reflex, an instinctive spasm intended to stop tissue damage from broken bones, and that these emotion-contractions gripped and upset the heart, stomach and/or other nearby organs. Since the brain has no control over spasmodic contractions, they continue to upset the body for as long as the emotional pain continues – often for many years.


SHEN is a scientifically researched and painstakingly verified, updated version of ancient hands-on healing techniques. Properly applied to specific areas of the body in precise patterns that were identified by extensive research, this Western therapy uses the naturally occurring low-level electromagnetic field (the biofield) produced by the human body itself to resolve many kinds of chronic pain that cannot be traced to physical causes, as well as to release emotional blockages and psychological distress.

In essence SHEN works like this: Using the biofield qi (ch’i) from our hands, we first loosen the contractions trapping the painful emotions deep inside the body, then we reposition our hands to lift the emotions to the surface where they can dissipate. This process is repeated as necessary and sets the stage for a sound, positive emotional shift.

Once the old painful emotions have been dissipated, the deeper empowering emotions of confidence, joy, and love are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to shift one’s life.


Copyright Richard Pavek, SHEN Therapy Institute