I came to SHEN in 1995 suffering from chronic sinusitis and was scheduled for surgery that had a 50% chance of working. I had tried everything alternatively at this point; spending over $18,000 on these modalities which only scratched the surface. I had 10 SHEN sessions and my sinus broke open. The root was all the repressed grief of my father’s death 10 years earlier. The next day I went to the sinus clinic and they claimed a miracle; I will never forget that doctor’s face. I have not had any sinus problems since.

I had 11 rear-end accidents in a 7 year period, all on bridges. I had migraines from all the whiplash and hip pain from the seat belt injuries. I went for a SHEN workshop, all the pain left my neck and hips, all the panic about getting into a car left, and all the terror of going over a bridge left. I am out of pain and have not had another car accident since.

I was hooked; I took another workshop wondering what else could be inside me? I had dyslexia and once my fear of learning cleared up, I could speak in public, and read for enjoyment, with no pain, no fear, I had self-confidence, I felt alive!

My life changed so dramatically that I wanted to help others. I began the internship program to become a Certified SHEN Practitioner in 1997. In 2002, I became certified as a SHEN instructor. It is a deep privilege to assist people on the healing their emotional journey.