Code of Ethics

All Certified SHEN Therapists have completed a 680+ hour Supervised Internship program and passed a Certification Board to become certified. The Program includes intensive classroom training in the art of SHEN; clinical skills, mentor-supervised practice, and deep personal growth through SHEN. The SHEN® service mark is your assurance that your practitioner is fully trained and current in SHEN. The International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA), a professional association registered in Seattle, Washington, USA – certifies all SHEN Therapists. ISTA establishes competency, code of ethics, and standards of practice for its members.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice The International SHEN Therapy Association revised, September 20th, 2005 Code of Ethics We, the members of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA) have come to realize that working with our hands to relieve the emotional pains that trouble our clients’ lives is a delicate and sacred trust that demands compassion, respect and the highest ethical considerations. The central role of emotional health in the individual’s physical and mental wellness, as well as in the furtherance of peace and harmony among peoples, insists that we define and inspire a high level of competency among ourselves, and to ensure that we conduct our practice at the highest ethical levels. In recognizing and accepting these obligations we set forth our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

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