SHEN Helps With

  • Healing emotional pain from childhood abuse and other unresolved emotional conflicts.
  • Freedom from chronic pain without medical cause, panic attacks and phobias, depression, eating disorders, IBS, PMS, Migraines, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), blocked sexual feelings, dealing with grief, and more.
  • Discover the messages that were recorded and embedded deep in your energetic body that formed your dysfunctional behaviours and thought patterns.
  • Release feelings of guilt, shame, grief, fear, and anxiety.
  • Get in touch with your physical and emotional body.
  • More peace and joy.
  • More clarity and focus.
  • Less stress and fear.
  • More ability to handle fear and feel your emotions.
  • Increased Circulation and Energy.


SHEN Therapy is a breakthrough approach to emotional health, a radically new understanding of how emotion influences the body & the mind. Much more than an emotional triggering technique or a learned repetitive suppression of internalized responses, SHEN is a deep process of personal emotional unfolding, de-layering & growth.

SHEN unlocks and releases the empowering emotions of confidence, love and joy enabling us to move into a happier and healthier life, one where our physical organs function properly.

A relatively brief series of SHEN sessions frees most people from their painful emotional past.

SHEN Therapy is not medical treatment, psychotherapy or counseling, and is not meant to replace them. SHEN is used to release debilitating internalized emotions from the body, allowing us to feel and be governed by the empowering emotions of confidence, joy, well-being and love.