Emotional Healing and Empowerment Through SHEN

For over 35 years we have been helping people change their lives for the better. When you’re ready – SHEN is the next best thing to starting life over!

The journey is the destination. Learning how to clear the path is the challenge.“ – Russell Fox 

SHEN Therapy is a breakthrough approach to emotional health, a radically new understanding of how emotion influences the body and the mind. Much more than an emotional triggering technique or a learned repetitive suppression of internalized responses, SHEN is a deep process of personal emotional unfolding, de-layering and growth.

SHEN is best known for superb results with any condition where retained traumatic experiences have impacted either psychological or physical functioning.

A thoroughly Western therapy, SHEN uses the body’s own naturally occurring biofield  qi (ch’i) to relax and release both physical and emotional pain held within the body.

While SHEN Therapy promotes relaxation, relieves acute and chronic pain to varying – often significant degrees, thereby enhancing health and well-being, SHEN is particularly useful for personal insight, growth, and for transforming old physical and emotional wounds into experiential awareness – in other words, “personal empowerment.”

SHEN has proven to be an effective and predictable therapy, solidly based in physics and physiology, and developed in over 30 years of clinical research and professional application.