Radiant Body Herbs – Deodorant

Yes, that’s right!  Radiant Body Herbs, our product line, is in the process of testing our Glandular Support Deodorant for women.  This is our world-famous formula (previously known as Yogi Elixir) with a new twist.

As we move further into the Aquarian Age we understand and are more aware of what we put into and on our bodies.  Our glands, especially those we reach under our armpits are extremely sensitive.  This is where our unique glandular support blend with 29 different herbs comes into play with deodorant without any harsh chemicals.

We are looking for women, local to the Santa Fe – Espanola New Mexico area, to test out our new GSD-w (glandular support deodorant for women).  Please let us know if you are interested in trying out our newest product!

theshencenter@gmail.com  |  505-983-3003

or radiantbodyherbs@gmail.com  | 213-280-8437

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